Say my name….


Actually, I’m Megan, and I’m a full-time grad student pursuing two Master’s degrees in English and Teaching. And welcome to my blog, Breaking Grad (School). We’ll come back to the name in a minute.

This blog was conceived of as a semester-long project for a course on Digital Writing. I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some of my adventures and misadventures as a grad student, with other grad students who may be experiencing those same adventures and misadventures. My hope is that this lil’ ol’ blog can serve as a resource to you by imparting some of my hard-won knowledge about how to be successful (in every sense of the word) at navigating grad school — and that you, dear reader, can impart ALL of your hard-won knowledge to me! <insert evil laugh>

So why the name? Aside from the excellent pun, I’m clearly a big Breaking Bad fan, and I once saw an interview where show creator Vince Gilligan explained the colloquial meaning of the phrase “breaking bad” as “to raise hell.” The conventions and expectations of being a grad student aren’t always so obvious. Let’s make Breaking Grad (School) a place where we can put our heads together, as a community of scholars and something like friends, to become better grad students and to raise a little hell!




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