How to get published… no really, somebody please tell me how

Now that I’ve presented at my first conference, one of my major academic goals is to have a paper published in a peer-reviewed journal. Although a chapter of my thesis was published in my undergraduate research journal, the peer-reviewed journal is a landmark I have yet to achieve.

A year ago, I wrote a paper on the intersection of performance and performativity that really stretched me as a writer and a thinker. It was multigenre, interdisciplinary, and (I thought) pretty darn interesting and original. I was psyched when my prof suggested I try to have it published. She identified a promising CFP and I duly submitted my materials. Yet here the paper still idly sits on my hard drive.

So, fellow scholars, I put it to you: how do we get published??

Ye olde publication. Courtesy of Creative Commons

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The C-Word

That’s right, I’ll say it – CONFERENCES.

I’ll probably be talking a fair bit about conferences this semester, since I just attended, and presented at, my first one last month (read a little bit more about the learning curve I experienced here). Attending and presenting at conferences is an important part of scholarly life. Unfortunately the genre of the conference paper was one with which I was, up until about two months ago, entirely unfamiliar. For those of you who are similarly uncertain about what a conference paper should look like, I wanted to walk you through my process of applying to and composing for my first conference.

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